Super Healthy Soup Options

In some restaurants in my local area, soup isn’t available during the summer months. I understand why soup is especially good on winter days, but I never understood why restaurants don’t serve soup in the summer. After all, it’s not like we stop eating hot meals or drinking coffee and tea.

3 Top Reasons To Give Quinoa a Try

It’s pronounced KEEN-wah and this tiny seed offers a great alternative to rice, bulgur, barley and couscous. It’s long been a staple food in South America, especially in Bolivia, Peru and Chile. In more recent years, quinoa has become popular in the US and in the UK as an alternative to grains. Here are three reasons you should give it a try.

How Much Fruit is Too Much of a Good Thing?

Fruit has sugar and it’s common sense that too much sugar is not good. So it’s logical to conclude that too much fruit is not good for you. In fact, some doctors suggest that fruit should be limited to 2-3 servings a day and warn that eating more than that can raise triglycerides and cause liver damage, due to the fructose.

6 Steps To Developing A Healthy Habit

Whatever health-related habit you’d like to adopt, psychologist James Prochaska’s research can help. Prochaska’s father died from alcoholism, motivating him to research whether there was a way people can learn how to break bad habits and introduce new, healthier ones.