Purposeful Inefficiency

You don’t have to be a gym rat to add movement into your day.
This article talks about 24 ways to exercise without the gym. There are some obvious suggestions here, like outdoor activities that count as exercise.

Is Fish a Heart-Healthy Food?

Is fish consumption the reason why the rate of heart disease is so low among the Japanese? In his book The Starch Solution, Dr. John McDougall suggests that it is not fish that is the secret to the longevity and slender bodies of Japanese people eating a traditional Japanese diet, but rather the rice that is the mainstay of their meals.

Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

For many patients with Type 2 diabetes, progression is a familiar story. First, you try to control it with food. Then you need oral medication, often more than one kind. Then you move on to injectable medications like insulin, Victoza and Januvia.

Fitness Tips for People Aged 60+

My mother is in her early 70s and she goes to the gym three mornings a week. Her gym is well aware that older people need to remain active, and they have figured out a way to make exercise appealing enough to draw my mother, who was never attracted to exercise, into their studio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 10 AM.