Metabolism Killers

Metabolism is basically a fancy way to describe how the body burns calories from food and transforms them into energy. Metabolism is impacted by lots of things, such as level of activity, age, gender and family history.

Feeding Obesity

Take four obese Americans who have not been successful improving their health. Put them in a house together for four months with a staff of compassionate, cutting-edge healers and catch the whole experience on film. That’s what the documentary Feeding Obesity is all about.

The Power of Sugar

For those interested in making healthy food choices, the New York Times article “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat” is worth reading. In a nutshell, the article reveals that the American sugar lobby was able to get scientists to make the claim that it was saturated fat, not sugar that was the cause of heart disease.

Caught in the Pleasure Trap

Dr. Doug Lisle wants his patients to know that there is a reason why they repeatedly make unhealthy food choices when they “know better”.  He has a theory about why people who have studied nutrition and health and know what foods optimize health still eat unhealthy foods.

Stir Fry Vegetables without Oil

As cooking fats go, olive oil is among the healthiest oils, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t raise your cholesterol level. It just means that it doesn’t raise it as much as other oils and fats such as canola oil or butter. In addition, some people believe that heating oils to the high temperatures needed for stir frying can release harmful free radicals.

Is Gluten-Free Right For You?

You might be tempted to try going gluten-free because you’ve heard it’s healthier. Gluten-free products fill up supermarket shelves and adopting a gluten-free diet seems like a way to improve your health. But is it as good a choice as it seems?