Five Reasons You Should Try Tai Chi

Tai Chi has a long and significant history in China, both as a martial art for self-defense and as a way to ensure continued good health. Today, we’ll talk about Tai Chi in its more popular form, as an exercise that suits a variety of bodies with varying levels of health.

Fixing a Food Hangover

This time of year, temptations are all around. And sometimes, we give in. And sometimes, we overdo it.

When you overindulge in foods and take in too much fat, salt, spicy foods, too much sugar, caffeine or just too much food altogether, you may feel bloated, lethargic or even nauseous.

Walking for Non-Athletes

Nordic walking, sometimes called pole walking, is a physical activity that uses poles to help the walker engage more muscle groups with each step than ordinary walking. Some athletes consider Nordic walking a sport, but it can be used by non-athletes to increase their general fitness level and to burn calories.

Mother Nature Made Bananas Healthy

More than 100 countries grow various types of bananas, making them one of the most popular fruits on the planet. In most parts of the world, bananas are available year-round. They are perfectly portion-controlled and offer numerous health benefits.

The Benefits of Eating Slowly

It’s a very simple principle that many find incredibly difficult to follow. Eating slowly is better – for your digestion and for your overall food intake. The faster you eat, the more likely you are to overeat. When you take it too much food at one sitting, your digestive system has to strain to keep up with the workload you’ve just asked it to perform.