Medical Tourism To Mexico: A Solution for US Residents

hospital-angeles-tijuana-emailIf you live in the US and have been waiting for a chance to try the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon to jump start your weight loss goals, we have excellent news for you.

The Spatz3 balloon is approved by the Mexican Health authority, COFEPRIS. Since 2015, the Spatz3 balloon has met with higher than projected success and acceptance in Mexico, which has the highest rate of obesity in the world.

That’s great news for US residents, because there are now multiple options for fully trained and certified, English-speaking gastroenterologists and bariatric surgeons in medical clinics near the border between Mexico and Texas, Arizona and California who are proud to offer the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon to US citizens.

Each center offers professional medical care at a reduced cost and has a whole support system for guiding US residents through the medical tourism process. They are experts at catering to medical tourists. If you’re a US citizen and you’ve been waiting for a chance to lose weight and improve your health with the help of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, you can choose from any of the following options.

bannerChristus2The Advanced Bariatric Institute, located in Reynosa, Mexico is right across the border from McAllen TX. Abraham Renner of Biomedics, Spatz partner in Mexico City reported, “This team is REALLY good and professional with a whole multidisciplinary structure.”

In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, across the border from Laredo, TX, Dr. Jonas Villarreal operates a top-notch gastroenterology practice and offers care for the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon as one of his services. US patients can learn more about his services here.

Dr. Rodrigo Narvaez operates a gastroenterology practice offering care for foreign patients interested in benefiting from a Spatz3 balloon in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, 10 Km (6 miles) south of Del Rio, TX.

At the Mexicali Bariatric Center in Mexicali, Mexico, right near Calexico CA, Dr. Edgar Campos is an expert at working with gastric balloon patients. Patient Facilitators at the Mexicali Bariatric Center are there to assist medical tourists with all their needs.

Gastroenterologist Dr. Alejandro Hatchett offers care for Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon patients in the modern Hospital Real in Tijuana, Mexico, approximately 30 Km (20 miles) from San Diego, CA.

Another choice in Tijuana, close to San Diego, CA, is Dr. Ismael Vazquez Jonathan Bailon, who specializes in endoscopic surgery, bariatric and metabolic surgery. He offers the non-surgical Spatz3 balloon at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana.

For those in the San Diego area, a new option in Tijuana is the popular bariatric surgeon Dr. Sergio Verboonen. His website offers a toll-free and local US number.

If you’re near El Paso, TX, the Orma Surgery group in Cuidad Juarez is 10 miles from El Paso and offers the Spatz balloon to US citizens. They also have a US phone number on their home page.
For those closer to Tucson, AZ, Dr. Francisco Millan operates his clinic in nearby Nogales, Mexico.

You might not yet be familiar with medical tourism, but lots of people are already benefiting from it. A 2009 UCLA study found that nearly a million California citizens get medical care in Mexico each year.

As you explore these options, make sure to confirm what requested fees for medical tourism include, such as staying in luxury hotels near the medical clinic, transportation between the airport, hotel and hospital, all hospital and attending physician fees, and pre- and post-procedural care.

NOTE: US citizens who travel to Mexico for the procedure should be aware that it will be necessary to travel back at least once to have to balloon removed and perhaps several additional times for adjustments. It’s important to factor these additional expenses into your budget.

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