Weight Loss Success Stories - GS. 45 Kg

“I have lost 45 kg at 52 weeks with the Spatz balloon.

I know of people who have used other balloons for weight loss. After a few months their appetites increased again, and they did not lose as much weight as at the beginning. My Doctor added some more fluid to my balloon at 4 months, when my appetite started to increase. I then lost another 23 kg over the next 8 months.

I am happy that my balloon stayed in for 12 months, which gave me more time to lose weight and more time with my dietician.”

3 year follow up: “After 3 years I have been able to keep my weight off. I only regained 5 kg since the balloon was removed, because I feel like a new person. I am not going back.”

GS before procedure

GS at 32 weeks