How to Stay Away from Unhealthy Snacks at Work

Avoid Unhealthy Snacks at Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Making healthy choices in the workplace Many of you have been there. You get to work with the mindset of eating healthy. You’re motivated and ready to get your work done while steering clear of those fresh doughnuts or hot bagels that just arrived. But how do you resist? They’re calling your name all the […]

Is Junk Food Addictive ?

Junk Food Addictive

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not only is junk food actually addictive, it’s designed to be that way on purpose. So if you find it hard to stop eating sweets, salty snacks and heavily processed foods, it’s because food scientists, who know how the human body and brain reacts to certain stimuli in foods, specifically designed these foods to get […]