Gastric Balloons and Cholesterol

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Many individuals who are considering bypass surgery are curious to learn about the possible links between cholesterol and gastric balloons. Could this substance negatively impact a gastric balloon (such as the adjustable configuration offered by the professionals at Spatz3)? If not, how are cholesterol and your weight related to one another? If you hope to reduce your body mass index in a safe and effective manner, appreciating the role that cholesterol plays is crucial.

What Is Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

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Cholesterol and Intragastric Balloon Treatments

Gastric balloon treatments are normally performed to limit the amount of food that can be consumed within a given period of time. When you enter into a state known as a “calorie deficit”, your body will be forced to burn fat to produce energy. Weight loss ultimately occurs over time; a powerful benefit in the event that other approaches (such as strict diets) have failed to produce results.

It just so happens that high levels of cholesterol are present within the majority of unhealthy foods. These are the very same products that may be difficult to digest. We can therefore establish a causal relationship between cholesterol-laden substances and issues attributed to gastrointestinal problems. Unfortunately, these issues may be further exacerbated due to the presence of a gastric balloon (your stomach is often more sensitive to fatty foods).

What Happens if You Eat Foods High in Cholesterol with a Gastric Balloon?

In truth, not everyone will experience a negative reaction. Some individuals are simply capable of metabolizing fat and cholesterol more efficiently than others. However, we also need to remember that breaking down cholesterol within the stomach and small intestine requires more time when compared to healthier foods.

This could lead to what some have referred to as a digestive “bottleneck”; resulting in symptoms such as cramps and bloating. Cholesterol and stomach balloons therefore enjoy what can only be called a rather tenuous relationship.

Cholesterol and gastric balloons

Why Should You Avoid Fatty Foods in General?

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the concept of nutrition is aware that fatty foods should be consumed sparingly. There are several reasons why these substances can cause more harm than good (regardless of how tasty they may be):

  • Elevated levels of HDL, bad cholesterol, within the bloodstream have been linked to hypertension.
  • Over time, fatty deposits can accumulate within your arteries.
  • High levels of cholesterol are associated with potentially life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke.

Another issue with fatty foods involves the digestive problems that were mentioned earlier. As fatty substances take more time to digest, a high-calorie meal can lead to subsequent feelings of lethargy. This makes it much more difficult to embrace healthy activities such as heading off to the gym or taking a brisk walk. Ultimately, you will be much more likely to gain weight if these dietary habits are not modified.

Will Your Cholesterol Levels Low with a Gastric Balloon?

The risks should now be relatively clear. So, what if you are planning to obtain the Spatz3 system in order to moderate your weight? Might this treatment actually improve cholesterol readings from a medium-term perspective? You will be happy to learn that studies indicate a marked decrease in cholesterol levels immediately following any type of bariatric procedure.

This reduction in cholesterol readings will likely result from the simple fact that you are unable to consume large quantities of food at any given time. After all, this is the primary intention of any type of gastric balloon. We should nonetheless mention that such treatments do not offer a “carte blanche” in terms of your eating habits. On the contrary, adopting a healthier dietary regimen will only serve to enhance the associated effects and lead to more noticeable results over time.

The Double-Edged Cholesterol Sword

The body requires a certain amount of cholesterol in order to perform vital metabolic activities and to maintain homeostasis. However, real problems can occur when consumed in excess. If you are already beginning to enjoy the results of your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, please keep the points highlighted above in mind. Cholesterol and gastric balloons can be compared to oil and water: they simply do not mix.

Gastric balloons have many benefits. In addition to weight loss, a gastric balloon can help you stop smoking. The longer a gastric balloon is installed, the less likely you are to smoke again. Different balloons last different amounts of time. The adjustable Spatz3 is one gastric balloon that not only stays in for up to 12 months but that can also be dialed up or down to maximize your weight loss potential. Contact Spatz Medical to learn more!

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