Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

Lose 15% to 17.7% of your body weight with the best-in-class, industry leading gastric balloon.

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  • The only adjustable gastric balloon

  • Long term weight maintenance

  • Highest weight loss

  • Highest success rate

The only adjustable gastric balloon, tailored to you

The Spatz3 gastric balloon can be fully customized to meet your needs. This exclusive adjustability feature is designed to allow for comfort as you adapt the volume, achieving continued weight loss by avoiding plateaus – because our size fits all.

Gastric Balloon Adjustability

Our size fits all


Additional excess weight loss

Balloon Volume Increase

The Spatz3 balloon’s adjustability works both ways. Patients can have the balloon volume increased, at month three or four, to achieve a second round of weight loss, avoid plateaus and prevent weight regain. This innovative feature is key to Spatz’s clinically proven industry leading weight loss results.


Early balloon intolerance

Balloon Volume Decrease

Following implantation of other gastric balloons, approximately 10% of patients face early balloon intolerance, with discomfort leading to early removal in many cases. Spatz3 is the only balloon with the answer; With a short down-adjustment procedure, the size of the balloon is adjusted for you comfort, alleviating symptoms of balloon intolerance and allowing for the completion of the treatment and sustained results.

Spatz3 in action

With Spatz3, we ensure that the entire procedure is as straightforward and comfortable as possible. It’s as simple as that.


The consultation

Preparing for a successful pre-procedure

The procedure

The post-procedure experience

The adjustment

Removing the Spatz3 balloon


“The Spatz3 adjustable balloon literally changed my life.”

Find out how Spatz3 has helped people all over the world.

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  • David transformed his life with Spatz3!

    With the help of the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon, David completely transformed his health and wellness... look at those muscles!

  • Julia lost over 110 pounds!

    In only 12-months, Julia lost over 110 pounds with the help of her Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon!

  • Efi lost over 100 pounds!

    After 1-year of hard work and dedication, Efi lost over 100 pounds, completely transforming his health for the future.

  • Rosangela lost over 50 pounds!

    In just 12-months, Rosangela lost over 50 pounds to jumpstart her weight loss journey!

  • Martha lost over 60 pounds!

    By dedicating herself to the Spatz3 weight loss process, Martha lost over 60 pounds in just 12-months!

  • Angelly lost over 40 pounds!

    By dedicating herself to the Spatz3 weight loss program, Angelly lost over 40 pounds in just 12-months!

  • Angela lost over 55 pounds with her Spatz3!

    In only 12-months, Angela completely transformed her life by losing 55 pounds!

  • 60+


  • 3.8M

    Pounds Lost

  • 150K+

    Worldwide Implantations

  • 15%

    Weight Loss

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The Spatz3 Gastric Balloon is the most effective weight loss balloon in the industry, helping patients reach their weight loss goals

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  • The balloon

    Two critical features set Spatz3 apart from the competition: 1) Spatz 3 is the only adjustable gastric balloon;  this means it can be adjusted early for your comfort, as well as later to ensure lasting, sustained weight loss.  At all times, Spatz3 is customized to meet you where you are in your weight loss journey. 2) Spatz3 is the only balloon approved to stay in your stomach for 12 months, twice as long as other products on the market (outside the US). Longer implantation means more time for you to adopt healthier eating habits, and prepare for a lifetime commitment of healthy habits and wellbeing.

  • The consultation

    When you go for your consultation, your healthcare provider will check your medical history and perform a quick physical exam to determine whether Spatz3 weight loss treatment is a good match for you and your needs.  Your provider will also discuss your lifestyle and habits so that, together, you can explore the pros and cons of the balloon, as well evaluate the benefits and risks of other weight loss treatments.  The consultation will ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your weight loss journey.

  • The procedure

    The Spatz3 procedure starts with a standard endoscopy under conscious sedation – you will be asleep and wake up shortly after the procedure.  Provided that everything looks good and there are no abnormalities, the gastric balloon is gently inserted through your mouth and into your stomach.  Once the balloon is  implanted, it will be filled with a sterile saline solution.  The whole process takes around 15 minutes. After that, you’ll be monitored for around an hour, after which, you’ll be free to head home and begin your weight loss journey.

  • The day-to-day

    With Spatz’s program, you’ll not only be able to make the most of your weight loss with Spatz, but you can also pick up some healthy new lifestyle skills along the way. Throughout the year, you’ll have a few check-ins with your doctor, and it’s a great idea to also meet with your dietician or nutritional counselor at least once or twice a month while your balloon is in place. At these check-ins, you’ll be able to track your progress and get valuable tips and tricks on health, nutrition, and exercise that will truly set you up for long-term success. Remember, the more follow-ups you go to, the better your chances are of making the most of your weight loss journey.  

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