An Enlightening Comparison: Weight Loss with and Without a Gastric Balloon


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Many individuals who are considering bariatric surgery will be interested to learn about the gastric balloon results that may soon follow. After all, undergoing any type of medical procedure is a very real commitment. What can you expect during the process and do the long-term results justify the operation? We will take a look at these and similar questions immediately below.

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Weight Loss With and Without A Gastric Balloon

It is first a good idea to quickly compare how much weight the average individual can expect to lose with and without the use of a gastric balloon. Here are some average observations:

  • With a gastric balloon: Between ten and 20 percent of your body mass index (up to 20 kilograms).
  • Without a gastric balloon: Between ten and 20 kilograms.

While these results may appear similar at first glance, they assume that an individual who has been fitted with a gastric balloon will not perform any type of additional physical activity. On the contrary, these figures are also based on the assumption that the individual has adopted a healthy diet and exercises on a regular basis. In other words, weight loss with a gastric balloon can be dramatically enhanced if other lifestyle changes are enacted.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Within a Month After Bariatric Surgery?

We should highlight the fact that gastric balloon results immediately following any type of procedure will vary between individuals. Other factors include age and body mass index. Furthermore, some may experience side effects such as nausea and cramps; leading them to consume fewer calories than normal. After taking all of the possible variables into account, most users can expect to lose between four and eight kilograms during the first month of treatment.

Month gastric balloon results

Gastric Balloon Results Before and After: What to Expect

Gastric balloons represent some of the most effective ways to moderate your caloric intake and, therefore, to decrease your body mass index over time. These appliances are particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to modify their diets with normal techniques. Gastric balloons are likewise powerful options in terms of mitigating the effects of severe obesity.

We still need to remember that each individual will respond differently. The good news is that you should begin witnessing tangible changes after a relatively short period of time.

Will You Gain Weight After a Gastric Balloon Has Been Removed?

We can now see why gastric balloons are often the preferred method to lose weight without performing any type of invasive surgery. Another question nonetheless arises. What happens after the gastric balloon is removed?

It may be surprising to learn that post-bariatric weight gain is not entirely uncommon. Studies have found that the average individual will “rebound” by up to 5.7 kilograms when the balloon is no longer present. This should not be any reason for concern, as a larger stomach will naturally require more food to feel satiated.

If you are concerned about this type of weight gain, it is important to employ other healthy lifestyle changes while the gastric balloon is still present. Practical strategies involve obtaining plenty of regular exercise and adopting a healthier diet. These will help to mitigate the effects of any subsequent weight gain. Furthermore, it is often possible to lose this weight with additional time and effort.

Are the Gastric Balloon Long Term Results Worth the Effort?

From short-term impacts to [6 month gastric balloon results], this medical technology is certainly impressive in its own right. These balloons are also considered to be safer when compared to other forms of bariatric surgery (such as a gastric bypass procedure). The only question remaining involves whether or not you believe that the final outcome justifies your initial commitment.

Consider the results that you are trying to achieve. Have you met your goals in the past without the need for any type of medical intervention? If you have struggled to maintain your weight even after adopting healthy habits, a targeted solution (such as the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon) could very well represent the most logical course of action.

Of course, it is always wise to perform additional online research or to discuss the gastric balloon results experienced by others before making an informed decision.

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