How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?


How To Avoid Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Knowing how to avoid loose skin after weight loss is just as important as learning what lifestyle changes are required to shed those excess kilos. However, many of us tend to focus on short-term goals and relatively few articles touch upon how the appearance of our skin may change after dropping a significant amount of weight. In order to appreciate the steps that need to be taken, we should begin by understanding exactly why flaccid skin can occur after a significant physical change.

A Quick Look at Skin Turgor

The term “skin turgor” is used in the medical community to describe the elasticity of your skin. A healthy epidermis tends to be quite taut; normally remaining tightly in place. However, the skin is also an extremely flexible organ. It will therefore expand in the event that excess weight is gained. Once this fat is no longer present, it can be difficult for the skin to retract to its previous position. Furthermore, certain weight loss diets deprive the body of nutrients (such as zinc and vitamin E) that are necessary to maintain supple skin. These are some of the reasons why learning how to lose weight and avoid loose skin is rather important from an aesthetic point of view. What do professionals recommend?

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Baby Steps

One of the most common reasons why individuals may begin to notice loose skin involves dropping weight within a relatively short time frame. In this scenario, the dermis and epidermis will become more vulnerable to wrinkling and sagging. This is why experts recommend avoiding extreme approaches to weight loss such as skipping meals and long-term fasting. It is better to gradually tackle your goals.

Increase Your Lean Muscle Mass

As we have already seen, loose skin will often result from a BMI (body mass index) that has significantly dropped in a relatively short time frame. Another natural remedy for this situation is to build lean muscle mass as you simultaneously reduce your fat stores. This is sometimes referred to as “body recomposition“. Muscles will help your skin to appear tighter and therefore, saggy patches are less likely to be seen. Another point to mention is that increased lean mass will cause your body to burn calories long after a training session has ended; further contributing to weight loss.

Adopt a Healthy and Balanced Diet

In terms of the skin, you truly are what you eat. Appreciating how to avoid loose skin when losing weight will therefore involve your dietary habits. It is particularly wise to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. These are all potent sources of skin-friendly nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc. Some nutritious and tempting examples include:

  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges and lemons (for vitamin C)

These can be consumed as snacks, as meal replacements or even in the form of an on-the-go smoothie.

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Remain Hydrated at All Times

Learning how to prevent loose skin after weight loss likewise involves the notion of hydration. Properly hydrated skin will remain supple and flexible. This is the very same reason why many anti-ageing creams contain moisturizing agents. Health professionals recommend drinking between 2.5 and 3 liters of water per day.

Eliminate Bad Habits

The skin can often serve as a biological “barometer” in terms of toxins found within the body. This is why those who drink alcohol excessively or smoke cigarettes tend to look older than those of the same age who avoid such substances. So, make a conscious effort to get rid of these habits.

A Return to Normalcy?

While all of these will produce noticeable results, a dose of reality is still in order. It is normally possible to reduce (or eliminate) the appearance of loose skin after a moderate amount of weight has been lost. However, decreases of more than 50 kilograms may require medical intervention if you wish to completely eliminate saggy or wrinkled areas.

Due to the profound effects associated with the adjustable gastric balloon offered by Spatz3, you could very well be concerned about the appearance of your skin after dropping weight. The suggestions highlighted above may be able to allay your concerns. However, it is just as important to speak with a professional if you wish to learn more about how to avoid loose skin after weight loss.

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