Benefit – Adjustable Gastric Balloon


Why Do Adjustable Gastric Balloons Deliver Better Results?

Extended Weight Loss Treatment

The Spatz3 provides the most personalized weight loss treatment available on the market. By offering our unique volume-up adjustment feature, the Spatz3 is the ONLY gastric balloon that will rejuvenate the balloon effect and extend the weight loss treatment. This will help patients keep losing weight after the fourth month, while non-adjustable balloons will begin to lose their effectiveness.

Patient Intolerance to Gastric Balloons

On average, one in ten patients are intolerant to the gastric balloon procedure. By offering the volume-down adjustment, the Spatz3 allows us to alleviate this intolerance and avoid removing the gastric balloon. With other non-adjustable balloon systems, patients who are intolerant to the balloon will need a removal procedure, not allowing them to complete their treatment. With the Spatz3, you have the highest likelihood of successful weight loss results!

This method therefore offers the most comfortable and flexible weight loss treatment available.

How Does the Spatz Adjustable Balloon Work?

The Spatz Adjustable Gastric Balloon is inserted during a quick 15-minute, walk-in, walk-out, outpatient procedure. No incisions or hospitalization is required. Our non-surgical procedure allows you to walk out the door within the hour!

What are the Advantages of the Spatz3 Balloon Compared to other Non-Adjustable  Gastric Balloons?

  1. Being the only adjustable gastric balloon: the Spatz3 is fully customizable and it’s volume can be adjusted according to your clinical requirements.
  2. Adjustability: this exclusive feature of volume decrease (down-adjustment) helps gastroenterologists effectively deal with patients that are intolerant to the gastric balloon procedure and the volume increase (up-adjustment) extends the treatment effectiveness.

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Spatz3 Adjustable Weight Loss Balloon

Differences Between Sensitive Stomach vs. Insensitive Stomach

Unfortunately, some people suffer from intolerance to gastric balloons, which is due to a sensitive stomach. Note that your doctor cannot determine before, or during the procedure whether you have a sensitive stomach to gastric balloons. For this reason Spatz has developed the Spatz3 balloon to address this issue.

Sensitive Stomach

About 10% of patients have stomach’s that are overly sensitive to gastric balloons, which your doctor cannot determine at the time of the balloon implantation. With a standard, non-adjustable gastric balloon, a person with a sensitive stomach may eventually have the gastric balloon removed, and will not be able to continue the treatment. However, the Spatz3 adjustable  ‘volume-adjust down’ feature, gives those 10% of patients a second chance at losing weight, without any need for a balloon removal.

Why do you Stop Losing Weight and Start Gaining Weight Even if you Have a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloons, also known as weight loss balloons, have been an established and safe treatment for obesity for the past 40 years. The world medical literature clearly demonstrates in many studies that gastric balloon effect diminishes in many patients after approximately three to four months. That includes the Spatz3 Adjustable balloon. In some cases, patients stop losing weight and can even start regaining weight.

Is there Anything Your Doctor can Do to Help You Stop Gaining Weight with the Gastric Balloon?

Simply leaving a balloon in the stomach for longer without any volume increase adjustment is not likely to produce better weight loss results.

That’s where only an adjustable balloon can make a difference – thanks to its adjustable volume feature, the Spatz3 volume can be increased, which rejuvenates the balloon effect, and preventing weight regain. This in effect extends the weight loss treatment! This valuable extra treatment time gives you more behavior transition time, yielding longer lasting behavioral modification.

Extend Your Treatment with Spatz3 Customizable Balloon System

The Spatz R&D team has developed its unique adjustable gastric balloon, allowing its volume to be customized according to the patient’s individual requirements. Therefore, patients can expect a more comfortable treatment while maintaining effective weight loss results.

This high quality injection molded balloon is engineered to be more robust, and therefore can remain in a patient’s stomach for an extended period. This, together with our accumulated international experience in over 60 countries, has made it the most successful weight loss procedure on the market.

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