Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?


Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

In your weight loss journey, you may wonder, “Does hypnosis work for weight loss?” Hypnosis is a strategy that can influence the mind to change its habits. It’s a relaxing way to let your mind be open to the suggestion that you can lose weight. It can enhance weight loss but should be combined with other weight loss activities such as diet and exercise to help you achieve your body goals. The mind and your emotions also influence weight loss as hypnosis alters the beliefs that influence your ability to modify your diet and exercise routines.

Types of hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnotherapists can use hypnosis to bring change in various ways, including:

  • Mental imagery to help you envision yourself achieving your weight loss goals
  • Presenting suggestions compatible with your desires
  • Unconscious exploring to identify if past experiences are hindering you from making positive changes toward weight loss
  • Self-hypnosis through meditation and mindful techniques
hypnosis for weight loss

Ways hypnosis works for weight loss

Hypnosis is instrumental in resolving subconscious emotional issues that could block you from losing weight. People tend to eat due to stress-eating, and you can use hypnosis to understand the emotions that lead you to eat without a goal. When you discover what fuels your mind to eat, you can change your eating patterns and lose weight. Also, when you experience trauma, chaos, or abuse in the past, hypnosis can help you relieve these emotions, and you can start your weight loss journey.

Hypnosis can help you correct misconceptions and false beliefs which limit your ability to live healthily. Hypnosis can help challenge your perspective on how the human body should look. You should understand that the only healthy body is not the one that society has set as its standard of beauty and health. Hypnosis can help you appreciate the changes you experience in your body and help you manage the stress surrounding your weight loss goals.

Hypnosis is also essential as it can help you revise unhealthy beliefs that don’t encourage weight loss. One such belief is associating food with self-reward. Hypnosis can help you substitute rewards with those that will not let you stray from your healthy diet.

Hypnosis can reduce cravings towards unhealthy foods. Shared hypnotherapy sessions and guided imagery can reduce dietary choices that can hinder you from achieving progress in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss hypnosis

There are different techniques, but the first thing in the session is to find a comfortable position. You could lie down or remain seated and close your eyes, or the therapist may tell you to focus on a specific object as they lead you through breathing exercises. When you are relaxed, they may guide you to fantasize about a place that gives you peace, and when you’re in a trance, the therapist suggests healthy thought patterns which will replace the unhealthy ones hindering you from losing weight. You can learn self-hypnosis that you can use later.

You should note that hypnosis will not be a quick fix to your weight loss. You must work to see the results as it needs to supplement a weight management program. Hypnosis is all about changing the mindset and guiding you to take a step toward your journey. You need to put in the work by eating and maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding processed food and sugar. You also need to work out regularly to get desired results.

weight loss hypnosis

Benefits of Hypnosis

  • It provides you with a sense of calmness and relaxation
  • Lowers cortisol, a hormone associated with stress response in the body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves satiety levels, and levels of inflammation
  • Boosts your overall health and reduces your risk of health conditions like heart disease, stroke, and gallbladder disease


At Spatz3 we want to answer your questions. When you ask, “Does hypnosis work for weight loss?” rest assured that it can be effective in the weight loss journey, especially when combined with diet and exercise.

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