What Is The Healthiest Country In The World?


What Is The Healthiest Country In The World?

The healthiest countries in the world put wellness and physical and mental well-being as their top priority, given their effective healthcare systems and healthy lifestyles. These countries have healthy practices, diets, and other factors that steer them to the forefront of global health representations.

At Spatz3 We explore the most healthy country in the world and a list of healthy countries and their diets that help them maintain their health status.

Features of healthy countries

When assessing if a country is healthy, there are some features to consider that contribute to the overall well-being of a population. These factors include:

  • Life expectancy.
  • Healthcare accessibility.
  • Physical activity.
  • Diet.
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Which country is the healthiest?

Figuring out the most healthy country in the world is a challenge, considering different rankings use different measures to determine their answer. However, some countries come to the top as the healthiest countries in various criteria.


One such country is Japan, given its high life expectancy, as citizens live an average of 84 years old and enjoy access to medical services. Also, they have one of the healthiest countries in the world diet, which consists of fish, vegetables, and whole grains. The Japanese eating attitude differs as they eat in small portions rich in proteins and fewer carbohydrates. The Japanese diet has health benefits as it lowers the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The country has one of the lowest levels of obesity in the world due to its diet.

Combining exercise and diet makes Japan the oldest population worldwide. The Japanese use the Okinawan practice of hara hachi bu (eating till you are 80% full) to promote longevity and reduce the prevalence of diseases.


Spain is also considered an extremely healthy country for numerous reasons. First, the Spanish diet comprises several healthy fats, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. The diet cuts down on red meat and processed foods. Paella is one of their popular healthy dishes with high omega-3 and protein from the seafood combination. Other dishes in the diet include olive oils, fish, and nuts with high healthy fat content.

Also, in Spain, the most common transport mode is walking. Walking is a physical activity that strengthens your muscles and boosts your vitamin D intake, which has health benefits such as cancer prevention and boosting cognitive health.

Spanish people enjoy the little things, such as enjoying time with friends and family and even naps. Instead of being so involved in their jobs, they find purpose in the things they love, which reduces their stress. By appreciating the mundane experiences in life, they can implement healthy routines where they don’t overwork themselves. Burnout is harmful to both physical and mental health.


Another country known for being healthy is the Netherlands, which prioritizes healthy eating habits and exercise. The system in the Netherlands emphasizes preventive care more than treatment. Norway is also a healthy country, given their healthy lifestyles and physical activity routines.

Healthiest Countries in the World list

A list of healthy countries with high ranking in healthcare and healthy lifestyles include:

  • Switzerland.
  • Italy.
  • Singapore.
  • Norway.
  • Sweden.
  • Australia.
  • Spain.
  • Belgium.
  • Poland.
  • Finland.
  • Croatia.
  • Armenia.
  • Slovenia.
  • Iceland.
  • Cuba.
  • Japan.
  • Israel.

Healthiest countries in the world diet

The world’s healthiest countries have different diets with food options contributing to a healthier lifestyle. The healthiest countries consider making good food choices and eating in moderation to monitor their dietary habits.

One popular diet is the Okinawan diet in Japan, which consists of seafood, fish, and tofu and doesn’t rely on processed foods. The low intake of saturated fats and high intake of antioxidant-rich foods help regulate blood sugar and promote digestion. The diet supports small portions for low caloric intake, reducing the risk of illnesses and increasing longevity.

The Mediterranean diet is also one of the healthiest diets worldwide with whole, unprocessed foods and low dairy and red meat intake. The diet improves blood sugar control, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. The Nordic diet is also one of the healthiest as it uses locally sourced foods in Nordic countries, including seasonal vegetables and fish. These diets have numerous health benefits as they keep your body healthy and clean and reduce the risk of possible chronic illnesses.

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Learning from healthiest countries in the world list

The healthiest countries in the world can teach other countries to put their well-being first and achieve more excellent health results through a healthy lifestyle.

Spain is considered the most healthy country in the world due to numerous reasons such as their Mediterranean diet, life expectancy, low obesity rates, smoking habits, environmental conditions, and access to safe drinking water.

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