Best Healthy Crock Pot Meals Recipes You Can Do


Best Healthy Crock Pot Meals Recipes You Can Do

Have you been hoping to come across some of the most tasty and healthy crock pot meals in existence? If so, you have come to the right place. The team at Spatz3 has put together a handful of tasty recipes that can be cooked up from the comfort of your own home in no time at all. However, it is first a good idea to take a quick look at why the crock pot is considered to represent a healthier way of preparing foods as well as how the cooking process actually works.

The Appeal of a Healthy Crockpot Dinner

Ever since the first crock pot was introduced as far back as 1940, it has become a staple appliance within many households. This partially arises from the fact that it provides a relatively “hands-off” method of preparing meals. Simply add the ingredients, set the timer and let the heating mechanism go to work.

However, this is also a closed cooking system. It will therefore help to retain many of the vital nutrients that might otherwise escape when other methods (such as baking or frying) are employed. This is also the very same reason why meals that have been prepared with a crock pot will often taste much richer and flavourful.

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Healthy Crockpot Ideas that Will Keep Guests Coming Back for Seconds

Let’s now assume that you are more interested in discovering a handful of healthy recipes for crock pot meals. While there are countless ideas to consider, let us examine three sure-fire options immediately below.

Beef and broccoli

This first meal is a great way to obtain ample amounts of protein as well as nutrients such as vitamin C and K. You will first need a few ounces of cubed beef and fresh broccoli (including the stems). Place these within your crock pot and then add a dash of oyster sauce for additional flavour. Note that it is also possible to include honey if you happen to be allergic to shellfish.

Green bean casserole

If you have learned to embrace a vegetarian diet, green bean casserole is certain to hit the spot. For this meal, you will need freshly cut green beans, organic cream of mushroom soup, red onions, and a measure of sea salt to your taste. Note that it is first necessary to saute the onions and the mushroom soup. These can then be added into the crock pot with the green beans. Once the casserole has been cooked, top it off with crushed breadcrumbs for texture.

Beef and broccoli

This final suggestion is great for those cold winter days and indeed any time when you desire a helping of “comfort food”. It is also an extremely [easy crockpot healthy meals] in terms of the preparation itself. As you might have guessed, one of the main ingredients is white meat chicken (chicken breast). It is also wise to use whole grain pasta due to the nutrients contained within. Combine these with sliced carrots, onions, celery, diced garlic, and organic chicken stock (this provides a richer flavour when compared to broth). Allow this soup to cook for between three and four hours before serving.

A Word on Cooking Times

We should make it a point to mention that the cooking times associated with the recipes outlined above will depend on the type of crock pot that you happen to own. In other words, some are able to prepare meals faster than others.

While the crock pot is decidedly humble in design, there are hundreds of recipes to try. Whether you are hoping to include a bit of variety into a diet that has already benefitted from the presence of the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon or you simply want to enjoy a tasty meal, these healthy crock pot meals will not let you down.

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