Quick And Healthy Winter Lunch Ideas


Quick And Healthy Winter Lunch Ideas

Have you been finding it difficult to encounter healthy winter lunch ideas that do not sacrifice taste for a lower caloric intake? You are certainly not alone. It is always important to employ recipes that are tasty and appealing, as we might otherwise be tempted with meals that only contribute to our body mass index (BMI).

This article of Spatz3 team will briefly highlight some interesting cold weather dishes to consider if you are hoping for a bit of change. The good news is that these lunch recipes for winter are just as suitable for an office break as they could be used as a source of comfort food while relaxing at home. Let’s see what is in store.

chickpea curry

Chickpea Curry

These healthy winter lunches boast an amazing amount of flavour and yet, you will not be forced to count calories. The primary ingredients are chickpeas, carrots, celery, broccoli, and coconut milk. You will then add diced onions, a chopped ginger root, sliced carrots, and (if desired) on cup of peas. You can then mix in two tablespoons of curry powder. Simmer this mixture until it nearly comes to a boil. Allow it to steep for an additional 15 minutes (this helps to bring out more flavour). Serve hot.

Chicken with Rice and Greens

This next winter lunch is as easy to prepare as it sounds. It is primarily comprised of cooked chicken breast and green vegetables (green beans and/or spinach are two tasty recommendations). Sesame seeds and whole grain rice will provide additional flavour and they also represent bulking agents; enabling you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Note that it is always possible to substitute whole grain rice for quinoa if desired.

Smoked Salmon Delights

Cold weather dishes should also be practical if you happen to live a busy lifestyle. Smoked salmon represents the ideal solution in this case thanks to its heart-friendly attributes. Simply add these as a topping to whole grain crackers and top them off with capers. While this is not a cooked or baked lunch, the presence of healthy fats within the smoked salmon will provide your metabolism with a much-needed boost of energy throughout the remainder of the afternoon.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is not only desirable if you happen to feel under the weather. This simple winter lunch provides a veritable kaleidoscope of flavours for your palate. While the main ingredient is indeed chopped white meat chicken, it is the subtle elements that will make all of the difference the world. This recipe calls for buk choy, broccoli, sliced tomatoes, parsley and horizontally sliced green beans. If you are looking for a slightly Asian flavour, add a few drops of organic and sugar-free soy sauce.

Salad with Salmon and Fennel

Why not instead opt for a healthy and light salad during the winter months? Salads are extremely easy to prepare and they are ideal on-the-go foods. In this case, you will require freshly grilled salmon and fennel. Once again, the true appeal of this dish is associated with the finer points. It is possible to include other ingredients such as Dijon mustard, snow peas, chopped dill, a touch of balsamic vinegar, and crushed walnuts if desired.

salad with salmon

Lentil Meatballs

This final suggestion is particularly appealing to those who have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. You will first need to process two cups of lentils until they form a paste. Adding coconut flour will provide the consistency required to create a basic meatball shape. Before placing them in the oven, combine additional ingredients including chopped basil, diced garlic, finely diced celery, and grated Parmesan cheese. Naturally, it is always possible to include different elements in order to achieve the taste that you desire.

Healthy Lunches with a Flavourful Kick

While breakfast could very well be the most important meal of the day, lunch is a close second. The suggestions provided above are likewise just as suitable if you have been looking for some tasty cold day dinner ideas. There is no reason why taste should have to be sacrificed for a balanced diet.

The team at Spatz3 has chosen these specific recipes due to the fact that they will help to accentuate the benefits already provided by our adjustable gastric balloon. These and similar winter lunch ideas will undoubtedly come in handy until the temperatures outside begin to rise.

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