Is Dash Diet Good For Weight Loss?


Is Dash Diet Good For Weight Loss?

Have you heard of the DASH diet? While there many fads that tend to come and go over the years, this dietary plan has existed for some time. As it has also been touted by the National Institutes of Health, this approach could very well provide the strategy that you have been looking for. It is still a good idea to take a look at the fundamental concepts, whether this diet is the best for weight loss and a handful of possible drawbacks before coming to any firm conclusions. Let us see what the team at Spatz3 has uncovered.

dash diet for weight loss meal plan

What is the Dash Diet?

DASH is actually an acronym that stands for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension”. Therefore, it is clear that one of the primary concerns involves lowering blood pressure while simultaneously improving cardiovascular functions. This diet places a strong emphasis upon a handful of heart-healthy foods including:

It is also interesting to not that this strategy shares many features in common with a typical Mediterranean diet; yet another popular lifestyle that has already been embraced by millions across the globe.

Can the Dash Diet Help with Obesity?

So, might such an approach enable you to lose weight? As with many questions associated with dietary variables, the answers are not as black and white as we would like them to be. To be perfectly clear, the DASH regiment is not primarily concerned with obesity. It is instead focused upon consuming foods that emphasise cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of developing hypertension.

However, this diet is also quite low in sodium and saturated fats. As the foods themselves contain fewer calories when compared to typical processed meals, your body could very well enter into “calorie deficit” a condition when it begins to burn excess fat as a source of energy. Is the DASH diet weight loss solution a viable option? Let’s delve a bit deeper.

How Long Will it Take Before You Notice a Change?

Assuming that you have chosen to adopt this lifestyle, will DASH diet results occur overnight? This is normally not the case and many experts note that losing between one and two kilogrammes of bodyweight per week is actually healthier when compared to dropping a significant amount of mass within a short period of time. Such “crash” diets often result in a rebound effect; causing individuals to gain the very same weight back due to cravings and low levels of energy.

This dietary plan is instead centred around sustainable weight loss goals while not placing your body under a significant amount of metabolic pressure due to a sudden drop in calories. In other words, the DASH regimen can be thought of as a more moderate form of dieting when compared to stricter approaches such as the Atkins diet. You should nonetheless begin to notice a change within the first couple of weeks.

Dash Diet and Weight Loss: A Quick Look at the Pros and Cons

One primary benefit of this approach involves the fact that your body will be receiving all of the vitamins and minerals required to function properly. Furthermore, many DASH foods are quite tasty; enabling you to avoid the decidedly bland nature of some other diets. We should also mention that the DASH system is great for those who are concerned about their cardiovascular health.

Still, some potential pitfalls should be mentioned. The DASH methodology is not as concerned with a reduction in your BMI, so the results might not be as apparent when compared to other strategies. Furthermore, individuals with lactose intolerance could find it difficult to adhere to the recommendations (DASH meals often contain dairy products).

Finally, a DASH diet for weight loss meal plan will require daily tracking; a possible issue if you happen to lead a busy lifestyle.

When Dieting is no Longer Enough

The DASH plan certainly offers a number of benefits and yet, it might not represent the best solution if you are solely interested in losing weight. However, let’s also remember that other options are at your disposal. Why not leverage the proven benefits associated with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon? As this accessory will mechanically limit your caloric intake, it could be a powerful tool within your current weight loss arsenal. Feel free to research the DASH diet in greater detail and to read what others have had to say about their personal experiences.

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