Is Morning Exercise for Weight Loss the Best Strategy to Adopt?


Is Morning Exercise for Weight Loss the Best Strategy to Adopt?

Does morning exercise for weight loss goals live up to the hype that has been purported by some experts? Why might this specific time of the day present the perfect metabolic “window” for burning fat and boosting energy levels? If you have been struggling to develop and effective fitness routine, it pays to take a closer look at the observations and advice laid out immediately below.

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Why are Morning Workouts to Lose Weight Effective?

One of the main benefits of training in the morning involves the fact that the body will not be able to metabolise any excess calories that would have otherwise been obtained from a meal. In other words, you will be working out on an empty stomach. This will require the body to tap into its reserve fat stores in order to produce energy.

Another interesting point should be highlighted before moving on. Studies have shown that fasting before a workout (such as will occur during the overnight hours) results in lower levels of glucose within the bloodstream. As glucose is also a primary source of energy, the body will be forced to burn fat. This very same research claims that the most effective fitness routines should take place between seven and nine o’clock in the morning.

The Best Morning Exercises for Belly Fat

One of the many reasons why individuals are increasingly turning to morning routines involves the simple fact that these regimens will provide them with a much-needed boost of energy that can last for hours after the training has been completed. Thus, they tend to be more alert and motivated during the hours between breakfast and lunch. However, morning exercises for weight loss may also be able to decrease belly fat over time.

This once again is associated with how the body accesses fat stores when no excess calories are present. Training on an empty stomach can help to speed up this process. It should still be noted that other areas of the body prone to gain fat (such as the inner thighs and the hips) can also benefit from this approach.

Getting Into the “Groove”

While the benefits should now be clear, many individuals will initially struggle with becoming accustomed to training in the early hours of the morning. One important piece of advice involves the simple fact that such a routine may take a bit of time to embrace; especially for those who do not consider themselves to be “morning people”. The good news is that the associated benefits will far outweigh initial feelings of lethargy and tiredness. Patience is indeed a virtue in this sense.

The Best Morning Exercises for Weight Loss

As a general rule of thumb, the majority of morning workout routines tend to focus upon cardiovascular exercises as opposed to heavy weights. The main intention here is not to build lean mass, but instead to boost the metabolism in order to burn away fat. Here are some typical exercises that can be implemented within any targeted training regimen:

  • Light jogging.
  • Stretching routines (including yoga).
  • Cycling.
  • Aerobics classes.

If you choose to incorporate weights, it is wise to employ higher repetitions in order to further stimulate the metabolism with targeting specific muscle groups.

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Dietary Considerations

We will now address a final relevant question. Should you eat anything before a morning training session? While consuming a full breakfast may counteract many of the benefits outlined above, it is possible to drink a protein shake or a similar low-calorie supplement; particularly if you experience flagging energy levels. Once you have completed the routine, enjoy a light breakfast high in protein and relatively low in complex carbohydrates.

Rise and Shine

There is no doubt that training in the morning can be challenging at first glance. However, you will learn to embrace this healthy habit with time, patience and commitment. Let’s also remember that a morning routine can be combined with an afternoon or evening session if you wish to experience even more profound results.

Working out as the sun begins to rise is a great way to lower your body mass index, to lose belly fat and to boost your baseline energy levels. When combined with other proven strategies such as the use of a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon, morning exercises for weight loss are bound to produce results.

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