Is eating eggs everyday bad for weight loss?


Is eating eggs everyday bad for weight loss?

Do eggs and weight loss enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship? While eggs have been consumed for thousands of years, many individuals are still “on the fence” in regard to whether they represent a portion of a healthy diet or they should instead be eaten sparingly.

So, are eggs good for weight loss and if this is confirmed, what are some of the benefits that they can provide? We will address both of these questions immediately below.

Some Basic Nutritional Facts About Eggs

There are several reasons why eggs have represented an important part of the human diet since at least 1,500 BCE. For instance, a typical egg contains six grams of protein, and it is an abundant source of vitamin D. There are also many health-related advantages that have only come to light in recent times. These include:

  • Eggs are high in minerals such as selenium, phosphorous and choline.
  • Eggs contain ample amounts of vitamin B12 (a powerful antioxidant).
  • Eggs promote the production of “good” (HDL) cholesterol.
  • Consuming eggs may lower triglycerides within the bloodstream.
  • Eggs could even be able to help prevent type 2 diabetes.

We should also mention that eggs are some of the most economical options for those who are governed by a tight budget. It is now clear to appreciate their unique advantages. However, is eating eggs for weight loss a good idea?

All About Portion Control

Consuming fewer calories is the core tenet of any successful diet. However, this is sometimes easier said than done when eating foods that fail to provide a feeling of satiety.

Thanks to the nutrient-dense nature of eggs, the chances are high that you will feel fuller for longer periods of time. This can also help to eliminate cravings between meals. When we then remember that eggs can be used in a kaleidoscope of different recipes, their practical nature also comes to light.

Best way to eat eggs for weight loss

A Low-Calorie Alternative

Many individuals who are dieting will struggle to obtain the protein that their bodies require in order to preserve lean muscle mass. Not only do eggs offer up to six grams per serving, but each egg is only 70 calories. Of course, it is also possible to reduce the number of calories by only consuming egg whites if you wish. Having said this, a breakfast consisting of two to three eggs will likely enable you to remain feeling full for hours until lunchtime arrives.

What is the Best Way to Eat Eggs for Weight Loss?

Now that we have sufficiently established the advantages of eggs from a nutritional perspective, how should they be consumed if you wish to add them to an existing diet? Most experts feel that poached or hard-boiled eggs are the healthiest options. Unlike methods such as frying or scrambling, no additional calories will be required during preparation. Furthermore, hard-boiled eggs can provide an excellent source of on-the-go energy while out and about.

Some may still find eggs to be rather bland. While this is a matter of taste, there are several ways in which you can increase their appeal. Adding fresh ground pepper, crushed garlic or cumin will provide an additional source of flavoring. However, avoid other garnishes such as salt and mayonnaise when possible.

What if you wish to combine an egg diet for fast weight loss with a dedicated exercise program? In this case, it is normally wise to consume eggs after the routine as opposed to before. This will provide your body with a source of much-needed protein so that you will not be inadvertently sacrificing lean muscle mass.

Egg diet for fast weight loss

Add Eggs to your diet for Weight Loss with Spatz3

Similar to most foods, consuming eggs in excess is not recommended. Most nutritionists state that eating seven eggs per week is the best way to enjoy the benefits mentioned above without increasing your cholesterol intake.

Furthermore, eggs represent an excellent way to obtain vital nutrients even if you are on a calorie-restricted diet (such as if you may have recently been fitted with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon). You will feel fuller for longer periods of time while remaining confident that your body is not being deprived of important vitamins and minerals. We can now see that eggs and weight loss programs will provide impressive results if consumed in moderation.

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