17 Weight-Loss Motivation Tips To Reach Your Weight Goals


17 Weight-Loss Motivation Tips To Reach Your Weight Goals

Finding the right diet plan can be tricky. And finding weight loss motivation can be even more difficult. Morale wanes and you discover that you’re back at the beginning.

The reasons for wanting to lose weight vary and different factors spur people on. Here are our 17 weight loss motivation tips to help you get started or encourage you to continue the hard work!

1. Determine Your “Why”

You want to lose weight. But why? Discovering the driving force behind the decision is the perfect motivation for diets and weight loss. Determine your reasons for setting out on this journey and what you’re aiming for. Put it all down on paper and use it as a motivational boost if you ever feel discouraged. If you ever wonder how to stay motivated to lose weight, visualizing and re-reading your “why” will help you stay the course.

2. But Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Being enthusiastic and excited is key to weight loss motivation. But, it’s also just as important to have realistic expectations. Diets and treatments that promise outstanding fast are to be avoided; these are not sustainable. If anything, diet yo-yo-ing increases the chance of weight relapse. Viewing your journey through a lens of realism will help you create a durable diet plan and maintain good health overall.

Setting unattainable goals creates a vicious cycle of frustration and failure, neither of which are conducive to your weight loss journey.

3. Pick A Plan That Actually Suits Your Lifestyle

While some people may make 5 am workouts sound like a dream, choosing a plan that fits your lifestyle will ensure success. The criteria for choosing your plan should be sustainability and flexibility.

4. Lean On People

Whatever journey we’re on, having a support system in place is beneficial! Knowing that you have people cheering you on does wonders for weight loss motivation. Telling friends and family about your weight loss goals helps you to stick to them. Positive feedback and words of encouragement will spur you on. Team up with a friend for weight loss encouragement or consider joining a weight-loss group. Research online or in-person support groups to find the right one for you.

5. Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrate wins

Become your biggest cheerleader and celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. A win doesn’t necessarily have to translate to a drop in the scales. Celebrate behavioral changes too. Have you swapped out a poor habit for a healthier, sustainable one? Did you work out 10 minutes longer than before?

Acknowledging these milestones (or stepping stones) does not have to result in a culinary treat. Go to the movies, buy new workout gear for added motivation, or sign up for a novel and fun activity.

6. Keep Track Of Your Journey

Guesstimating the amount of calories per meal or scoop is a surefire way to miscount kcals and over-indulge. According to research, those who self-monitor and are diligent when tracking their food are more likely to lose weight. This is why keeping track of your weight loss progress is essential.

If you prefer a digital approach, there are a plethora of apps at your disposal to help you track your targets. Some find that a photo diary has proven to be an added source of motivation.

7. The Process vs. the Final Product

Have you ever gone all-in and focused so intently on the end goal that you became frustrated and quit? Zoning in on the final product can help you lose sight of what you’re actually doing. This mindset only increases tension and self-flagellation when we don’t achieve what we want fast enough. The idea of the process allows us to focus solely on things that are directly in our control.

8. Make A Commitment – Accountability Check

Someone making commitments

You’re in this for the long haul. So, why not make a commitment to a 3-month gym membership or purchase classes in bulk? This will hold you accountable and make you even more dedicated to your fitness goals.

Consider a written commitment in the form of a blog or substack. Who knows – it just might provide inspiration for someone else!

9. Let Go Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism has no place in your journey. It can utterly derail motivation and beating yourself up only serves to make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Setbacks will occur; make contingency plans ahead of time. Compassion and forgiveness will be powerful parts of your toolkit.

10. Positive Affirmations

In line with the previous tip, mindset is a key determinant in long-term weight loss success and maintenance. Cultivating a negative internal rhetoric from the outset results in one thing: failure. A positive mindset helps you tackle obstacles you might face and enables you to feel more confident in your ability to reach your weight goals.

Keep positive affirmations in an easy-to-reach or see location, such as by a mirror. While it might feel uncomfortable to repeat phrases to your reflection at first, you will slowly begin to embody these words. Watch your mindset flourish!

11. Find A Role Model

A role model does not have to be a literal model. It can be a friend whose journey prompted you to take a step or a story that emboldened you. Whomever the role model is, it should be someone who is relatable to you and sparks positivity. Having a reference is a great way to stay committed and is an ideal form of motivational dieting.

12. Set Goals Beyond The Scale

Setting targets that take a step away from the scale is an added incentive. Maybe you’re working towards increasing your workout frequency, aiming towards completing a 5k or ditching an unhealthy habit such as smoking.

13. Wave Goodbye To Criticism And Comparisons

Comparison is the thief of joy and motivation. A renowned weight loss motivation tip is to avoid comparing your journey to another success’. It can be frustrating to witness the rapid results and progress of someone who started from a similar point. However, competing is futile. When we get discouraged, we often tend to forget about some of the crucial factors that impact weight loss: genetics, hormones, and stress levels for a start.

14. Seek Expert Advice

Seeking professional help

Seeking outside support and professional help does not mean you’ve failed. If anything, those who feel more sure of their abilities and are knowledgeable are more likely to lose weight.

Enlist the help of a professional dietician and benefit from their expertise. Or if you’re looking to be a future gym rat, consider hiring a personal trainer to merge your fitness and diet goals.

15. Find An Activity That You Love

Weightlifting is renowned for weight loss and for building muscle tissue.
However, it’s not the only option. By picking an activity that you enjoy, it takes the “work” from the workout. Sports such as swimming are minimal impact yet yield a high return. Brisk walking, cycling, running and dancing are also some of the best options for losing weight.

16. Batch Prep Your Meals

Efficient and cost-effective, what’s not to love? Planning and preparing your meals in advance allows you to control portion sizes and minimize convenience pitfalls. We can often fall prey to unhealthy snacking or decide to innocently browse an online restaurant menu. Before we know it, a delivery guy is knocking on the door and our motivation to eat healthy has gone out the window. Knowing that there’s a delicious meal already waiting for you will help eliminate impulse eating.

17. Stay Hydrated

H2O is vital to our health and for a plethora of bodily functions. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or not, it should be your go-to choice of beverage. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, adequate water intake can help with weight loss. Sufficient hydration manages appetite ( it’s a natural suppressant), leaves you feeling satiated and supports digestion.


Weight loss inspiration can strike differently for everyone. We hope that our 17 weight loss motivation tips provide you with useful tools to encourage you to start or reframe your mindset. With the addition of a Spatz Gastric Balloon, the results you seek are easier to achieve.


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