What Is Seasonal Eating And Why Should You Care?


What Is Seasonal Eating And Why Should You Care?

Have you ever encountered the term “seasonal eating” before? This does not refer to consuming comfort foods in accordance with the weather (such as chicken soup on a cold winter day). It is instead associated with eating foods when they are at the peak of their harvest. This is also when foods tend to be the most flavourful and contain the highest concentrations of vitamins and nutrients. What are some benefits of eating according to the season and why has this trend become popular in recent times? The professionals at Spatz3 have put together this useful seasonal eating guide to provide more clarity on the subject.

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The Main Characteristics of Seasonal Eating

One important observation to note before moving on involves the life cycles of foods that can be harvested. Common examples include corn, rise, wheat, and orchard fruits. Eating these foods immediately after the harvest has been commonplace for thousands of years and it is just as practical in these modern times. This is also why restaurant menus tend to vary in accordance with the time of the year. In other words, their main autumn courses are likely to change when compared to their most popular summer dishes.

What is an Example of a Seasonal Diet?

Let’s now take a look at some foods that can be attributed to seasons of the year. Here is a breakdown of four tasty treats as well as when they are the ripest:

  • Pears (autumn).
  • Oranges (winter).
  • Asparagus (spring).
  • Tomatoes (summer).

The bottom line is that each of these foods has its own unique growing cycle. While there is nothing wrong with consuming them throughout the year, the simple fact is that ripe fruits and vegetables will offer a host of nutritional benefits.

The Benefits of Eating According to the Season

The human body has adapted to the seasons ever since we discovered the concept of cultivation. It can therefore be argued that we have adapted to eating specific foods at discrete times of the year. As mentioned previously, this partially involves the vitamins and minerals that ripe foods naturally contain.

Another point to mention is that the foods are much less likely to contain pesticides, herbicides and similar chemicals that are used to preserve them when they are out of season. This is obviously crucial if you are hoping to embrace an organic diet while simultaneously avoiding potentially harmful substances.

How to Eat in Season and Remain Healthy

You will be happy to learn that becoming accustomed to a seasonal diet is not complicated. One of the first things to appreciate involves which foods ripen at specific times of the year. Online research will provide you with a host of information within a single click.

Another useful strategy is to visit a local farmer’s market. Farmers are not marketing specialists. They simply harvest foods that have ripened and sell them to the public. So, you will immediately appreciate which foods happen to be in season at any given time. The good news is that purchasing foods that are in season will often provide you with a substantial discount. Farmers are looking to avoid wastage, so they need to sell their products before they begin to spoil.

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A Bit of Variety Goes a Long Way

Even if you do not have access to a local fruits and vegetables market, grocery stores often mirror seasonal trends. Note that the exact foods offered will also vary depending on where you happen to be located. This is why regions differ in terms of their seasonal foods.

Not only can eating in relation to the season provide you with nutrient-rich foods, but we need to remember that variety is the spice of life. Eating the same dietary habits for weeks or months on end can become quite boring. This is even more relevant if you want to adhere to a certain dietary regimen. Changing your routine is a great way to keep your palate “guessing”.

If you are considering an adjustable gastric balloon from Spatz3, eating in this matter will help to guarantee that you are obtaining all of the nutrients your body requires; even if your overall caloric intake is reduced. Even if you are not familiar with seasonal eating, there is no doubt that your body will thank you in the long run!

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