10 Healthy Recipes For Christmas Dinner


10 Healthy Recipes For Christmas Dinner

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Planning ahead for a sumptuous (and yet healthy) Christmas dinner is always a good idea; particularly if you hope to leave a lasting impression throughout the holiday season. At Spatz3 we quickly examine ten waist-friendly recipes that will impress friends and family members alike while.

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1. Roast Turkey Crown

Whether you are planning a dinner for Christmas Eve of you instead celebrate your dinner on Christmas Day, a roast turkey crown will leave guests begging for seconds. As this meal consists of only white meat turkey, it is also a great idea for smaller dinner parties.

2. Paprika and Roasted Potatoes

This healthy dinner for Christmas can be used either as a side dish or an entire meal for those who are more concerned with counting calories. Potatoes are an excellent source of starch and the addition of paprika as a garnish will add a bit of extra flavour. Season with other herbs such as ground black pepper or chives as desired.

3. Chicory Salad

Let’s keep in mind that healthy Christmas dishes can involve much more than traditional meat and potatoes. Why not instead prepare a decidedly green meal? Chicory salad is a perennial favourite thanks to the sheer number of ingredients that can be included. Honey, apple cider vinegar (for digestion) and orange zest are three examples to experiment with.

4. Lemon and Garlic Chicken

Nearly everyone loves a Christmas dinner offering chicken as the main course. Lemon and garlic sauce will spice things up a bit without the extra calories. Why not then compliment this chicken with sides including mashed sweet potatoes or charred broccoli? Feel free to experiment with different options, as many other foods will compliment chicken breast.

5. Turkey Minestrone Soup

Some of the most popular suggestions for Christmas dinner represent “lighter” dishes in terms of fat, carbohydrates and calorie count. Soups are also great ideas if you do not have a great deal of time to prepare a larger meal. Combine onions, carrots, celery, lean turkey meat, turkey stock, and tomatoes in order to create a savoury and yet easily digestible dish in less than one hour!

6. Ginger-Encrusted Salmon

Keep in mind that healthy holiday recipes for Christmas can also include fish on occasion. Salmon is an excellent option, this meat is laden with heart-healthy fatty acids and it tastes phenomenal. Give this meal an extra kick by adding a handful of shredded ginger atop the salmon while it is cooking. Lemon slices can be used as an alternative if desired.

7. Steamed Chicken and Greens

Chicken is a very popular meat due to the fact that its subtle flavour can be used within many unique dishes. When combined with green vegetables such as spinach or green beans, the results will be phenomenal. To add even more taste, a touch of wasabi sauce can be included (although in moderation).

8. Grilled Prawns

This healthy dinner for Christmas can also be used as an appetiser. However, it is another example of a meal that is easy to prepare and that does not require the skills of a chef. Grill a few cups of prawns before adding curry leaves, lemon juice, mustard seeds, and ground turmeric. Unsalted butter or olive oil can also be used as thickening agents if desired.

9. Roasted Lamb Chops with Lentils

When roasted, lamb is actually one of the leanest meats and its taste will certainly not disappoint. Combine roasted lamb chops with feta cheese, lentils and top this medley off with mint leaves. Mint tends to provide a flavourful balance and it also acts as an attractive garnish.

10. Pork Tenderloin and Quinoa

Pork is yet another low-fat meat that features prominently within many healthy Christmas dishes. When cooked in combination with whole grains, quinoa and a handful of fresh pomegranate seeds, nearly every taste bud on the tongues of your guests will be screaming for more.

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These ten recipes are relatively easy to prepare and they represent excellent alternatives to holiday dinners that leave guests feeling bloated for hours on end. Their low-calorie nature is also ideal if you are hoping to avoid gaining weight over the season.

The examples mentioned above are equally practical if you have been fitted with a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. As they are not overly filling, you can enjoy all that Christmas dinner has in store without any of the negative belly-bursting side effects.

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