6 Vegetarian Christmas Dinners To Prevent Weight Gain


6 Vegetarian Christmas Dinners To Prevent Weight Gain

Christmas is a long-standing tradition that has spread to lots of countries across the world. One thing we all know is that there’s rarely a shortage of tasty meat during the holidays. Naturally, this can be extremely challenging to vegetarians (worse even for vegans). Whether you’re a vegetarian for ethical or health reasons, you’ll find it hard to stay away from the tasty foods. But there’s a secret to managing your cravings. Just make alternative meals. Take a look at these vegetarian Christmas dinners that don’t come with the extra calories.

1. Luxury Hummus

Hummus is a highly versatile meal you can incorporate into your Christmas dinner. It has a rich and nutty flavor with velvety notes that slide effortlessly into your mouth. You can spread it on a sandwich wrap or dip it with veggie sticks. It all depends on your preference.

Its velvety texture goes well with pomegranate seeds, making it the perfect addition to your vegetarian Christmas buffet. Like other foods, there are different ways for you to craft it. You can add it with tahini, crackers, pittas, and crudites. If you feel a little adventurous, add some chestnuts and tortilla chips.

Vegetarian Christmas foods

2. Vegetarian Meatloaf

Christmas is never complete without a baked good. This is where these vegetable dishes for Christmas dinner come to fill the gap. While it contains no meat, the texture and flavour it gives tastes and feels like meat. It is made of nuts, mushrooms, rice, onions, and cheese. You can also add herbs to provide the meatloaf with that extra kick.

You can enjoy it with a glass of fresh juice. However, if you are entertaining a group of guests for Christmas dinner, you can slice the break up and serve it with your favourite sides, including mashed potatoes, creamy polenta, or a beetroot and apple salad.

3. Loaded Potato Soup

Loaded potato soup is one of the most common Christmas vegetarian ideas. It is a rich, creamy soup with a few potato chunks. The magic of this recipe is that it uses no heavy cream. You can easily make it without using a blender.

Like other vegetarian dishes for Christmas dinner, the trick lies in the toppings. You can load it up with all the toppings you like, including chives, shredded cheese, and salty vegan bacon. Wash it down with a glass of your favorite glass of wine.

4. Easy Pinwheels

These easy pinwheels are perfect for your Christmas tray. They are an Italian-derived idea that includes different ingredients such as mozzarella, spinach, sundried tomatoes, and your favorite spices. This makes them very colorful and a Christmas party classic.

To achieve symmetry, you need tortillas of at least 10 inches. This will be big enough to give you more spirals. However, you can always get smaller-inched tortillas if you prefer fewer spirals. Play around with the recipe and customize your pinwheel recipe.

5. Brussels Sprouts with Maple Glaze

Brussels sprouts are some of the healthiest vegetarian Christmas foods you can include in your buffet. You can bake them in a hot oven until they are crispy and well-salted. To get them super crunchy and prevent sogginess, bake them on their own instead of mixing them with other foods.

Once they are caramelized on the outside, drape them in a maple balsamic glaze to heighten their flavors. Within 25 minutes, you have your beautifully crisped Brussels sprouts. Serve them on a tray and let your guests fill up on a healthy festive option.

6. Lentil Salad with Feta

Last on our list is the lentil salad with feta. Besides being tasty, it is packed with nutrients and will keep you feeling full for hours. This Mediterranean-style salad combines fresh vegetables, pistachios, and feta cheese.

Some of the veggies you can add to the salad are bell peppers, arugula and radishes. These give your salad a beautiful pink color and some crunch. Considering its high protein content, it is the perfect side dish for your vegetarian Christmas dinners.

Spatz gives you the vest vegetarian Christmas recipes

As you can see, there are many vegetarian recipes for Xmas dinner. While we have only discussed six of the most common options for vegetarian Christmas dinners, you can always play around with your ingredients to create something healthy and nourishing for the season. As with any celebration, you must exercise moderation. Don’t forget to exercise during this period, as it will help your body stay healthy without unnecessary weight gain.

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