8 Healthy Warm Drinks Recipes For Weight Loss


8 Healthy Warm Drinks Recipes For Weight Loss

Weight loss is a journey, and it doesn’t stop in winter. Winter is a season characterized by a lot of eating, primarily due to the Christmas holiday season. People also tend to overeat during this season due to weather conditions. Besides forcing us to wear more clothes, the cold season has your body fighting harder than normal to stay warm. As such, it requires more calories to produce energy, thus prompting you to eat more. Well, you don’t have to add inches to your waistline to stay warm. Here are eight healthy warm drinks you can take for weight loss.

1. Fresh Ginger Tea

Fresh ginger tea comes with a load of benefits besides keeping you warm. It has been used for a long time as a remedy for nausea digestive issues, and to combat common cold symptoms. With its rich antioxidants, your skin and body will thank you for the treat by glowing.

To make it, use a fresh piece of peeled ginger root. Add it into your cup and pour boiled water over to brew for at least 10 minutes. If you cannot access fresh ginger roots, you can buy ginger teabags at your nearest grocery store.

Ginger and lemon tea, a low calorie warm drink

2. Fresh Mint Tea

Mint tea is among the best low calorie warm drinks in winter. It is also a palate cleanser and aids in digestion. Following this, it is a perfect addition after a day of indulging in food.

Simply get a handful of mint leaves and add them to a small teapot. Mix it with boiling water and let it brew for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the most underrated healthy hot drinks for winter. Most people avoid it because it is associated with extra calories that could cause weight gain. However, the trick is making it at home.

Use unsweetened cocoa powder and hot, low-fat milk. If you must use a sweetener, use a low-calorie sweetener such as stevia.

Hot chocolate, one of the healthiest warm drinks

4. Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink. Most people fancy a cup of coffee to stay warm. Like most healthy warm drinks, if you want it for weight loss, you must make it at home. This allows you to watch whatever goes into that coffee mug.

For weight loss, you can use a teaspoon of coffee and lemon juice. For that extra kick, add in some cinnamon and plant-based milk. Stick to a maximum of two to three cups in a day.

5. Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest warm drink you can have over winter. You may agree that the benefits of green tea are exaggerated, but it is definitely for a good reason. It is a healthy alternative to drinks with high sugar and fat.

To enhance the flavors of your green tea, add some cinnamon or turmeric. The combination not only aids in weight loss by activating thermogenesis but also contains multiple healing properties for your body.

6. Chai

While the name may sound foreign, chai refers to tea brewed using black tea. It has an Indian origin, and it has aromatic spices. You can easily find it as loose tea or in teabags. It is among the best healthy warm beverages you can incorporate during winter.

7. Lemon Water

While we have mentioned lemon as an ingredient in the above healthy warm drinks, you can also take it as a standalone drink. Simply slice your lemon and put it in a cup. Then, top it up with boiling water and let the lemon sip into your drink. Lemon water is the perfect alternative to high-sugar drinks such as lemonade.

8. Warm Water

Warm water is just that: water that is warm. The whole concept behind it is that when you take warm water, your body temperature increases, thus boosting your metabolism. All this, in turn, increases calorie burn while keeping the body warm.

Healthy warm beverages for winter

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And there you have it! The above healthy warm drinks are nutrition-packed and very easy to prepare at home. In fact, with all the ingredients, it shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to fix yourself a cup. If you crave more during this season, keep the drinks warm and consume them when you feel your energy levels draining. You can do this!
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