Bariatric friendly fast food


Bariatric friendly fast food

Most of us who are trying to lose weight will normally avoid fast food. These substances have already been been associated with a host of negative health effects far beyond the well-known link between fast food and obesity. However, there are still times when we might want to satisfy a short-term craving. Is there any type of bariatric friendly fast food? If so, what are your options?

It is first a good idea to examine exactly why bariatric and fast food are rarely used in the same sentence (in terms of the potential risks). We can then move on to discuss a handful of surprising options in terms of brands and what may be permitted within each menu. We will then end with a quick overview of some guidelines to follow when recovering from bariatric surgery. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn about the number of bariatric friendly fat food options.

What Risks Does Fast Food Pose Following a Surgery?

Fast food is normally notoriously high in processed sugars, fats and cholesterol. Of course, we are already aware of the health risks associated with these substances. There is yet another concern to highlight that is specifically paired with post-operative bariatric patients. This is known as “dumping syndrome”.

Dumping syndrome is a defined as a rapid release of the bowels immediately following a meal. Otherwise known as rapid gastric emptying, individuals will often experience unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea, cramping, and light-headed sensations. Furthermore, the body will not be able to absorb any vitamins and nutrient that may have been contained in the foods themselves. This is why a handful of foods should always be avoided if you have recently undergone a bariatric procedure. Examples include:

  • Carbonated beverages such as soda.
  • Foods high in starch including bread and french fries.
  • Fried foods high in calories.
  • Fatty and/or processed meats (such as those often contained within typical fast food hamburgers).

Simply stated, this type of fast food after bariatric surgery will generally cause more harm than good.

fast food after bariatric surgery

Your Taco Bell Bariatric Menu

Taco Bell offers much more than tacos alone. If you are planning to head “south of the border”, be sure to check out these possibilities:

  • Black beans and rice.
  • Chicken soft taco.
  • Pintos and cheese.
  • Spicy Tostada.
  • Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco.
  • Fresco Chicken Soft Taco.

However, it is also wise to analyse the number of calories found within each of these items in order to avoid unintentional weight gain.

Bariatric Friendly McDonald’s Options

Although your options may be somewhat limited when taking a trip to the local McDonald’s there are still some tasty and bariatric-friendly treats to consider. Take a look at the following foods:

  • Their classic apple slices.
  • The McDonald’s side salad.
  • The Egg White Delight
  • McMuffin (a popular option for bariatric-friendly fast food breakfasts).
  • Fruit and Maple Oatmeal.
  • Sausage Burrito.
  • The Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
  • The majority of main salads on their menu.

It is nonetheless generally a good idea to avoid their hamburgers due to the chemicals and preservatives contained within the processed meat.

Bariatric Chick Fil A at a Glance

Chick Fil A is one of the latest fast food crazes to have made its way across the United States and it is quickly becoming popular throughout other regions of the world such as the United Kingdom. Once again, there is slightly more than meets the eye if you have been looking for a bariatric-sensible menu. Check out these suggestions:

  • Their grilled egg white breakfast sandwich.
  • Chicken noodle soup.
  • Kale Crunch salad.
  • Hash browns.
  • Their yoghurt parfait.
  • Chicken tortilla soup.

In the same respect, try to avoid their grilled nuggets, their Chick-n-Minis and their iced black coffee (coffee can irritate the gut following a bariatric treatment).

bariatric friendly fast food options

An Example Wendy’s Bariatric Menu

Similar to McDonald’s Wendy’s offers a host of foods that are generally suitable following bariatric surgery. Some of their most popular items are listed immediately below:

  • Spicy roasted cashews.
  • Four-piece chicken nuggets.
  • Small chilli bowl.
  • Popular Wendy’s salads including their classic side salad, their Caesar’s salad and their Half Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad.

Once again, note that some of these suggestions (such as the avocado chicken salad are relatively high in calories). Be sure to read the ingredients as well as the nutritional information in more detail.

When Can I Eat Fried Food After Bariatric Operation?

Can you eat fried food after bariatric operations? This partially depends on how your digestive system reacts to the levels of saturated fat that are often relatively high in friend substances. However, most experts firmly agree that it is best to avoid all types of fried foods for at least six months following the initial procedure.

When Can I Eat a Burger After Bariatric Operation?

It may require up to a month before you are able to return to solid foods after such a surgery. Professionals likewise recommend staying away from red meat for an additional two months. After this time period has elapsed, it is better to opt for a burger containing lean meat and no processed substances (such as are often found in fast foods). You can then begin to experiment with small amounts in order to appreciate how your body reacts.

Bariatric Friendly Fast Food: More Options Than You May Have Thought Possible

So, is there any “best fast food for bariatric patients“? This is a deceptively complex question, as each individual will react differently to specific substances. The main takeaway point is that it is best to avoid all fast foods that are high in calories, saturated fats and cholesterol (these all tax the digestive processes and may lead to a significant amount of discomfort).

The same guidelines mentioned above should be taken into account if you have recently been fitted with the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. While this procedure is not nearly as invasive as bariatric surgery, your body will still need to time adjust. Although some types of junk food can be addictive there are nonetheless times when a bit of moderation can go a long way towards long-term success.

Finally, remember that simply the fact that it is possible to eat fast food does not signify that you should revert to previous behaviours. After all, the entire point of bariatric surgery is to limit the amount of calories you consume and therefore, the weight that may otherwise be gained. Feel free to discuss this bariatric friendly fast food list with your doctor or to use it as a reference in the future.

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