Asthma and Weight Loss: Could Losing Weight Help Alleviate Your Symptoms?


Asthma and Weight Loss: Could Losing Weight Help Alleviate Your Symptoms?

Is there a link between asthma and weight loss? Asthma is a relatively common respiratory disease and studies indicate that more than 262 million people across the globe suffer from this condition. There are still some rather sobering statistics to keep in mind. While there are many causes of asthma, a higher body mass index (BMI) plays a significant role. for example, did you know that eleven per cent of adults with a BMI over 30 (considered to be obese) will be diagnosed with asthma?

This brings up an important question. Could losing weight lessen your chances of developing asthma? Furthermore, might asthmatic benefit from a reduction in their body mass? Let’s see what the industry professionals have to say.

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The Relationship Between Obesity and Asthma

There seems to be a definitive link between higher body mass indices and asthma rates. Why might this be the case? While research is still ongoing, it is known that fat tissues produce certain inflammatory chemicals (such as cortisol). These can affect lung function and as a result, increase the chances of developing asthma. This is obviously why weight loss for asthma patients represents such an important topic.

Furthermore, we need to remember that asthmatics who are obese will be less likely to exercise. This can likewise impact their lung function over time and cause them to rely upon medications alone to alleviate their symptoms. In turn, those who are already overweight may be more likely be diagnosed as obese if changes are not employed. Such a lifestyle is hardly conducive to long-term health.

Have Certain Lung Diseases Been Linked to Weight Loss?

Although there is a definite correlation between asthma and a higher body mass index, other diseases of the lungs may actually lead to weight loss. The most common is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). As those suffering from COPD have difficulty breathing, they may burn up to ten times as many calories as a normal individual would require to obtain oxygen. This can eventually lead noticeable weight loss. We are not only referring to fat stores in this sense, but muscle tissue and even bone mass may be negatively affected.

Can You Use an Asthma Inhaler for Weight Loss?

Many asthmatics rely upon an inhaler in order to breathe comfortably. Inhalers are sometimes referred to as “bronchodilators” due to the fact that they help to widen the bronchial tubes between the windpipe and the lungs. Inhalers rely upon steroids in order to perform this vital function. Unfortunately, these types of oral steroids can actually lead to weight gain. This is why those who are only experiencing mild symptoms should consider a handful of healthy lifestyle changes in order to keep their bodyweight in check.

The Relationship Between Weight and Lung FunctionThe Relationship Between Weight and Lung Function

So, can losing weight help to improve the capacity of your lungs? One reason why reducing your body mass index is crucial involves the presence of fat around the chest cavity. Large fatty deposits can significantly alter how your lungs work and therefore, the volume of air that they are capable of accommodating. Asthma and belly fat alone are far from the only concerns in this sense.

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Targeted Weight Loss Exercises for asthma Patients

We can now see why losing weight is one of the most powerful ways to keep the symptoms of asthma at bay and to improve lung function over time. Are there any exercises specifically geared toward those who might not be accustomed to high-intensity training sessions?

It is normally best to begin with low- to medium-intensity exercises that place little strain upon the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The pace can thereafter be increased over time as you become accustomed to the sessions themselves. Some useful recommendations include:

  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Walking or jogging slowly.
  • Yoga.
  • Lung-strengthening exercises (such as diaphragmatic breathing).

Note that it is always wise to consult with a physical trainer or a fitness coach before adopting any new exercise routine.

There are plenty of additional ways to lower your BMI. One effective method involves the use of a Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon thanks to its customisable nature as well as the ability to limit your daily caloric intake. After all, there are always times when a bit of outside intervention can represent a powerful tool.

Asthma and weight loss are undoubtedly linked to one another and adopting a proactive mindset is the best way to avoid future health risks.

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