Best Weight Loss Procedures Without Surgery


Best Weight Loss Procedures Without Surgery

There is little doubt that it can be extremely challenging to lose weight. This is even more relevant for those who might already have a relatively high body mass index (BMI) or who happen to be plagued by a slow metabolic rate. This is why some choose to undergo surgical procedures and yet, such options are not for everyone. Why not instead examine a handful of non surgical weight loss alternatives?

This article will address several relevant topics. We will examine some of the most common non surgical weight loss options. The benefits and possible drawbacks will likewise be highlighted. Perhaps most importantly, we will determine if it is indeed possible to lose wight without surgery and to keep this weight off for an extended period of time.

Weight Loss Surgery Alternatives at a Glance

To be clear, we will only be listing the three most common alternatives to bariatric surgery for the sake of brevity. These are also the most likely options that will be provided by a medical professional. You can then ask additional questions if you are curious to learn more about the intricacies of each.

weight loss procedures without surgery

Gastric Balloons

These appliances have become extremely commonplace in recent times. Gastric balloons are removable devices that will be inserted into the stomach. Once inflated (either with air or water), they will limit the amount of food that can be consumed at any given time. Thus, fewer calories are absorbed and this will cause the body to metabolise fat as a source of fuel. These balloons are placed into the stomach via the oesophagus with a technique known as an endoscopy.

The Spatz3 gastric balloon represents yet another step forward, as its internal volume can be adjusted. This allows users to customise their personal experience and it also enables the balloon to remain in place for longer periods of time when compared to traditional models. Those who prefer weight loss procedures without surgery should consider gastric balloons as a potential option.

An Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Another gastric bypass alternative is known by the rather technical-sounding name “endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty”. In this case, a surgeon will insert a series of sutures along the inner wall of your stomach. The goal here is to decrease its total internal volume. The intended result (much like gastric balloons) is to reduce the amount of food that the stomach can hold. A similar technique involves folding a portion of the stomach in on itself before suturing it in place.

An endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is considered by some to be one of the best non surgical weight loss procedures due to the fact that (unlike traditional bariatric surgery), the stomach itself will not need to be cut. A gastroplasty will instead be carried out endoscopically (a relatively non-invasive technique).

The AspireAssist System

This final approach has only recently been patented. The AspireAssist system was invented in 2016 and it has gained a rather loyal following since this time. Some have compared it to a standard colostomy bag. AspireAssist involves using a tube that runs from the stomach and emerges immediately outside of the abdomen. This tube is then connected to a plastic bag that can be emptied after each meal. Its creators claim that this technique can reduce the number of calories consumed by as much as 30 per cent.

Still, we should note that these non-surgical medical weight loss services are not for everyone. Numerous variables will be taken into account before the AspireAssist system is approved. These may include overall health, lifestyle, the presence of any concurrent medical conditions, and age. It is nonetheless wise to speak with your doctor or to visit their official website to learn more.

How Effective are These Non Surgical Weight Loss Techniques?

The notion of efficacy is somewhat relevant in this case. For example, those who desire extreme weight loss without surgery will first need to develop realistic goals. The primary intention of any of the methods outlined above is not to starve the body of crucial vitamins and minerals, but rather to limit one’s caloric intake. Let’s also remember that the metabolism requires a certain amount of fat and cholesterol to survive.

Therefore, the results associated with such procedures tend to be expressed in terms of percentages. For instance, one study found that 58 per cent of those who underwent the AspireAssist technique lost approximately 25 per cent of their baseline (original) weight.

Gastric balloons and the sleeve gastroplasty approach showed similarly promising outcomes. This is why balloons are often preferred over more invasive alternatives such as LAP band surgery. Furthermore, the use of a gastric balloon is said to represent the least invasive weight loss surgery available.

When Should You Consider the Methods Outlined Above?

Can you lose weight without surgery? For most individuals, “yes” is a resounding answer to this question. There are still specific instances that could warrant the use of one of the techniques mentioned above. Some common scenarios include:

  • Other approaches to weight loss (such as dieting and exercise) have not yielded the desired results.
  • You are currently classified as morbidly obese.
  • You are concerned about other health conditions such as hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • You need to lose a certain amount of weight in preparation for standard bariatric surgery.

Furthermore, you may be concerned about the safety issues associated with intensive surgical procedures. In this case, non-surgical options represent viable strategies. It is a well-known fact that devices such as a gastric balloon are extremely safe due to their temporary nature as well as to the fact that they can be removed if necessary. This is not the case with permanent surgery that may lead to long-term side effects.

Belly Fat Removal Without Surgery: Separating Myth from Reality

While it is normally possible to lose weight without surgery, what about problematic areas such as around the lower abdominal region? Belly fat is notoriously stubborn and many feel that it is the most difficult portion of the body to address. This is particularly the case for those who suffer from cutaneous fat (fat embedded between the internal organs). Therefore, a bit of clarity is in order.

Non surgical weight loss procedures will undoubtedly allow an individual to decrease his or her body mass index in the vast majority of cases. However, these techniques may need to be proactively embraced for longer periods of time in terms of targeting belly fat (fat around this are is generally the last to be metabolised).

Learn More About the Spatz3 System

On a final note, it is wise to determine if non surgical weight loss is covered by your insurance provider (this helps to avoid extraneous costs). In the same respect, speak with your doctor about the Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon. The flexible nature of this device will provide personalised results and it is arguably one of the best options in terms of the latest non surgical weight loss solutions currently on the market.

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