Can I Drink Coffee after a Gastric Balloon?


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This is a common question many ask along with whether or not other caffeinated beverages and even alcoholic drinks are allowed with a gastric balloon. The short answer is that you’d be ill-advised to drink coffee after a gastric balloon because of the effects of coffee on the balloon. Learn how coffee affects your gastric balloon to better understand when and why you can drink coffee while undergoing the treatment.

Is Coffee Good or Bad with a Gastric Balloon?

Coffee and gastric balloons are not compatible. Why? The reason you shouldn’t drink coffee with a gastric balloon is due to the reflux issues coffee causes. Coffee is relatively acidic, and caffeine is a digestive disruptor—this means you need to be mindful with all drinks involving caffeine including teas, energy drinks and supplements, smoothie additives, etc.

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What are the Effects of Coffee with a Gastric Balloon?

Coffee and all caffeine drinks increase your risk of experiencing diarrhea and acid reflux, which can make you pretty uncomfortable and miserable. What’s more, coffee is a diuretic, so like alcohol, it dehydrates you. Gas, vomiting, and irritable bowel are all also consequences if you drink coffee with a gastric balloon.

When Can I Drink Coffee with a Balloon?

The truth is…you can drink it any time, but chances are you’ll regret it, and you’ll quickly learn to substitute your morning coffee for a warm, caffeine-free herbal drink or a nice caffeine-free smoothie.
Many are surprised how little they need caffeine once they get off the drug—a great night of rest is better than any morning cup of coffee.

What’s more, because we have the same recommendation regarding alcohol, you’ll find that when you aren’t drinking alcohol you feel much better every day you pass on it depending on how frequently you drank before cutting it out.
It’s a wonderful experience that everyone is grateful for. Very few people lament foregoing these social rituals once they cut them out, and those who are truly devoted to keeping the weight off never return to them.

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Another Reason to Avoid Coffee

Wait—you might ask—never return to coffee after the gastric balloon? Don’t think too far ahead nor worry about your future choices. Many appreciate their weight loss after their period with a gastric balloon and don’t want to disrupt their incredible progress by relapsing on bad habits.

Caffeine falls under that umbrella. Even though you can drink it after you have your gastric balloon removed and you’ve adjusted, most people drink coffee with sugar and cream, or they go for sugary blended frozen coffee drink that does less for you than you think.

If you stick to your diet and your plan to eliminate certain foods and beverages that can cause gastric discomfort, reflux, nausea, vomiting, gas, and diarrhea with or without a gastric balloon, you’ll be further along and more grateful than people who never got a gastric balloon in the long run.

Remember that your gastric balloon is a choice. The decision to get a gastric balloon comes with exciting lifestyle changes. Even though it might be unfathomable to imagine your life without coffee, trust us that once you get the effects of caffeine out of your system and your daily habit, you’ll be happier for the experience, and you’ll realize there’s no need to drink coffee with a gastric balloon.

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Lifestyle changes are sometimes the most difficult part of getting a gastric balloon, but with counseling and patience with yourself, it’s possible. Once a habit becomes routine, it’s easily doable. This is what we at Spatz Medical help all of our patients understand. Contact us if you have questions about getting a gastric balloon and to set up a consultation.

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