Detox drinks for summer


Detox drinks for summer

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, detox drinks for summer represent a practical way to look great while staying in shape. From taking advantage of the warm weather in order to enjoy outdoor activities to losing a few extra kilograms before hitting the beach, summer detox drinks for weight loss will provide a host of physical benefits.

Let’s take a quick look at the main principles of detoxification before listing a handful of tasty concoctions that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Which is the Purpose of a Detox Diet?

The body will naturally accumulate toxins over time. This is directly related to the foods that we consume, as well as the type of lifestyle that we choose to lead. If such substances are allowed to remain in place, they can begin to affect our overall well-being. This is why purging ourselves on a somewhat regular basis is always a good idea.

Common examples include taking cold showers or sweating away these toxins with the help of a sauna.

However, detox drinks are even more potent remedies due to the fact that they work from within. They can help to flush out unhealthy substances from the cells as well as the entire digestive tract. Some are even capable of moderating our glucose levels (important for those who may be concerned about early-onset type 2 diabetes) and lowering blood pressure. It is now becoming clear to understand why detox drinks have become extremely popular.

Can Detox Drinks Contribute to Weight Loss?

How are detox drinks related to weight loss and achieving a lower body mass index (BMI)? There are actually several factors to highlight. Firstly, many of these beverages will promote a healthy digestive tract. This allows our bodies to process foods more efficiently and to absorb a greater concentration of vitamins and minerals.

Another takeaway point is that these very same drinks will often serve as meal replacements. In other words, we can reduce our caloric intake to a level that is more conducive to weight loss. The good news is that the overall benefits as just as varied as the types of drinks themselves. Let’s now move on to discuss some popular options, as well as the benefits of each.

Summer detox drinks for weight loss

Tasty Summer Detox Drinks

From plain water to nutrient-laden cocktails that will help to ablate those excess calories, you will be surprised to learn about how many options are available.

Detox Water for Weight Loss in Summer

It only stands to reason that water is an excellent (albeit slightly plain) option to consider. This is even more relevant when outside temperatures begin to rise, as dehydration can become a concern. Most experts therefore recommend drinking between two and three liters of pure water on a daily basis.

Furthermore, some feel the best detox water for weight loss in summer should contain trace levels of sodium; this helps the body to retain moisture. Mineral water is a great solution.

Beet, Ginger, and Cabbage

If drinking liters of water per day does not seem overly appealing, why not spice things up a bit with this next recipe? Ginger is a herb known to boost your metabolism, while cabbage and beetroot will help to eliminate excess water weight.

Detox drinks recipes

Natural Watermelon Juice

Not only is watermelon one of the tastiest fruits, but its juice is known for its mild diuretic properties, and it is a rich source of fiber. Thankfully, this cocktail is extremely easy to prepare, and it can provide a powerful way to remain cool while out and about. Feel free to add powdered ginger root if you want an additional “kick”.

Strawberry-Infused Hibiscus Tea

Strawberries are a rich source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, and manganese. When combined with the diuretic effects of hibiscus, the benefits become clear. Feel free to cold brew a batch when the need arises!

Enjoy a Healthy Summer with Spatz3

Detoxifying your body will help to ensure that it is functioning efficiently and perhaps more importantly, the chances are high that you will notice a difference within a short period of time. From plain water to the suggestions outlined above, options abound.

Let’s also remember that these dietary changes can help to further enhance the effects of your Spatz3 adjustable gastric balloon if you are primarily concerned with losing weight. Feel free to bookmark this article or to research even more effective detox drinks for the summer season.

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